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Talking to France Musique

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You can hear a short interview with me and some extracts of my music this Monday evening on France Musique’s Les lundis de la contemporaine broadcast. The interview took place a couple of weeks ago during my stay at Fondation Royaumont and for those of you who speak French, you can enjoy me stumbling into linguistic traps of accidental irreverence such as addressing interviewer Pierre Rigaudière with ‘tu’ rather than ‘vous’.

The magazine programme begins at 21:30 CET, following a broadcast of music by Philippe Manoury, Jonathan Harvey and Arnold Schönberg performed by the Lucerne Festival Academy Orchestra, and will be available to hear online until 7 November.

All the time that you have at Royaumont

The view over the front lawns at Fondation Royaumont

A new work for female voice and two violins, All the time that you have what we have. / All the time that you have., will be premièred on Saturday 22 September in a concert concluding the three-week ‘Voix nouvelles’ programme at Fondation Royaumont, an ex-abbey, which forms the idyllic setting for a cultural centre in the French countryside. Soprano Marie Picaut will perform alongside violinists YunPeng Zhao and Guillaume Latour of Quatuor Diotima.

During my time here I have been participating in classes with Raphaël Cendo, Brian Ferneyhough and Alberto Posadas while completing the score for this trio. The concerts will also include music by fellow composers Francisco Alvarado, Samantha Fernando, Piaras Hoban, Wei-Chieh Lin, Eric Maestri, Joan Magrane Figuera, Julien Malaussena, Efstratios Minakakis, Sukju Na, Chun Ting Pang, Josep Planells Schiaffino, Naoki Sakata, Benjamin Scheuer and Adi Snir.

The Incredulity of St Thomas at Harvard

Caravaggio — The Incredulity of St Thomas

Tonight, Rane Moore (bass clarinet), Chris Gross (cello) and Alex Lipowski (percussion) of Talea Ensemble with conductor Eduardo Leandro will give the first performance of my new trio The Incredulity of St Thomas at Harvard University’s John Knowles Paine Concert Hall. Also on the programme are new works by fellow composers at the Harvard Summer Composition Institute Clara IannottaRay Evanoff, Thatchatham Silsupan, Carolyn Chen and Sanzhar Baiterekov. A second concert follows on Sunday, featuring music by Ran Duan, Brian Griffeath-Loeb, Justin Hoke, Mauricio Pauly, Robert Phillips and Katherine Young. Both concerts are free and are complemented in the afternoon by discussions of various topics from 12:30pm in the Music Department.

The past two weeks have been an intensely valuable experience — from the discussion in the anachronistic surroundings of Concord’s Colonial Inn last week to the seminars at Harvard Music Department this week. The hard work of Chaya Czernowin, Hans Tutschku, Steven Takasugi and Michelle Lou in making us welcome and organising the finest of details to create a warm and trusting environment of exchange is quite frankly inspirational.

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Out and about

Sunset on the Hudson River

I am visiting the USA to attend the Harvard Summer Composition Institute and arrived in New York on Friday night. During the Composition Institute I will be participating in classes with Chaya Czernowin, Hans Tutschku and Steven Takasugi, meeting fellow composers and working with the Talea Ensemble on my new trio for bass clarinettist, cellist and percussionist, The Incredulity of St Thomas, which will be performed on Sunday, 26 August.

Above, you see the sun setting on the Hudson River from Manhattan, while the picture below shows a screen that is currently showing One11 and 103, a video and sound work by John Cage, which I stumbled upon in the Highline — the raised railway track in the Meatpacking District, which has been converted into a wonderful park.

John Cage’s One11 and 103 screening in the Highline

Sky Studies in Paris

This Thursday, coinciding with the Fête de la Musique and the summer solstice, Trami Nguyen is giving a piano recital at Paris’s Cité des Arts (Métro Pont Marie), which will include the second and third of my Sky Studies from 2009 alongside music by Adam Maor, Vittorio Montalti and Alex Mincek. There will also be a new short film by Nicolas Réveillard. Come along?

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Trami Nguyen - Domino #4 - flyer

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