First performance of ‘Tomorrow I will build a house here…’ in Paris

On Thursday, 26 June, flautist Paolo Vignaroli and cel­list Karolina Öhman are giving the first per­form­ance of my Tomorrow I will build a house here, if I can hold still in Paris, France. Come along to Studio Le Regard du Cygne (Google Maps) at 8pm to hear a con­cert of music for flute, cello and elec­tronics that will also in­clude a new work by Santiago Díez-Fischer.

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Cy Twombly, “Untitled”, 1969.

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ELISION in residence at Harvard

HGNM ELISION PosterThis week, ELISION Ensemble will be in res­id­ence at Harvard University, cul­min­ating on Saturday 17 May in a con­cert of new music by graduate com­posers at Harvard that will also in­clude the US première of Richard Barrett’s Lens, for flu­gel­horn and elec­tric lap-steel guitar.

Ensembles that un­der­take their work and per­form with the in­teg­rity and in­tensity of ELISION are rare, so it will be an eye-opening ex­per­i­ence having them here. My short ex­per­i­ment for them is for elec­tric lap-steel guitar and a strange quintet of oboe, bass cla­rinet, con­tra­bass cla­rinet, trumpet and trom­bone. Come along on Saturday to hear more!

Listings: Facebook | Ensemble | Venue

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The Incredulity of St Thomas at Northwestern University

Pick Staiger Hall, Northwestern University — by Daderot (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia CommonsThis weekend I am trav­el­ling to Chicago to take part in the NUNC! Conference at Northwestern University. There’s a full schedule of con­certs, present­a­tions, and masterclasses, including a per­form­ance of my piece The Incredulity of St Thomas by Ensemble Dal Niente. See the full schedule here.

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Tomorrow I will build a house here… — first reading at Harvard

IMG_20140303_014323At 11:30 this Saturday morning at Harvard University, my duo for flute and cello, Tomorrow I will build a house here, if I can hold still, will be presented by Jessi Rosinski and David Russell of the Callithumpian Consort as part of my and fellow first-year PhD can­didate Kai Polzhofer’s jury ex­am­in­a­tion. Our pieces will be per­formed and dis­cussed with fac­ulty and peers. Despite its odd timing, the per­form­ance is open to the public and all are welcome!

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Two Pietàs: Bouguereau & Streich

The most re­cent edi­tion of the CeReNeM Journal, run by post­gradu­ates at the University of Huddersfield, con­tains an art­icle I wrote about the painter William-Adolphe Bouguereau and Swedish com­poser Lisa Streich, ex­ploring the trope of the Pietà in their works. Thanks go to Pedro Alvarez for in­stig­ating the pro­ject and editing this volume, and to Tim Rutherford-Johnson for his eagle-eyed proof-reading.

Lisa’s music is won­derful, you should go listen to it, and as a small bonus if you are reading the art­icle on­line, you can refer to this se­lective timeline of Bouguereau’s paint­ings, which I cre­ated as an aid to my research.

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