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You can now hear some of my music online at my Bandcamp page and I’ll be adding some more recordings in a few weeks. Bandcamp lets you upload high-quality audio and offer it for both streaming and download in a wide range of formats, so if you like what you hear, help yourself to a free download in whichever shape or size suits you.

The contemporary music collective Raise Your Voice, which I run with Rob Guy and Steve Pycroft, is also using Bandcamp. Check out the recording of the Raise Your Voice launch night here.

New Site Design

NB: This post refers to a previous site re-design.

Welcome to a new look website. Please glance around and get in touch or leave a comment if you see anything that looks broken. I am still tinkering with things, so things might change, and there should be sections with audio and video up at some point in the future. Any other feedback is also welcome.

If you are so inclined, take a look at the colophon for details of what makes this site tick.

If you can’t find something that used to be here, have a root around in the archived version of the old site. I think that’s all working as it used to. If you have an old link you want to keep using, just put v1 where you might expect www to be and you should end up in the right place.

“The point is to change it”

“If we remain grotesquely unequal, we shall lose all sense of fraternity: and fraternity, for all its fatuity as a political objective, turns out to be the necessary condition of politics itself.”

I’ve just got round to finishing Tony Judt’s excellent essay on the importance of the state printed in the Guardian Review the weekend before last. Read the whole thing. Judt suffers from a motor neurone disorder, which was the subject of an interview and an essay also published in the Guardian earlier this year.

Work in Progress & Upcoming Performances

I am currently working on a new work for clarinet, cello, piano and handheld percussion to be premiered on Friday 30th April at 17:30 by players from Psappha new music ensemble.

Mikrokonzert: I Swear I Saw the Sun Falling, written last year, will be performed by new music ensemble Vaganza on 16th May at the York Spring Festival of New Music and on 8th June at the RNCM.

Raise Your Voice Collective

Over the last few months, along with friends Rob Guy and Steve Pycroft, I’ve been involved in setting up new music ensemble and composers’ collective Raise Your Voice. I’m really pleased to be able to announce our launch night will be on 28 February 2010 in Centro Bar, doors opening around 19:30. The night will feature new music by Manchester-based composers performed by the Raise Your Voice Ensemble of superb young players, plus a laptop set, improvisation with live electronics and DJs. See the Raise Your Voice website for details of the night, full programme and information about everybody involved.

A new piece of mine, This is Water!, will be performed by the full ensemble of flute, clarinet, percussion, string quartet and electronics as part of this Sunday evening concert.

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Flyer (PDF, 150kb)

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