Tomorrow I will build a house… where?

By some spectacular fluke of nature — or rather the spectacular initiative of some wonderful people — the emergent, self-organising consciousness that is Tomorrow I will build a house here, if I can hold still is managing to tour Europe this December by hopping parasitically between musicians’ bodies. Try to make one of these performances:

  • 06.12 | London | Zinajda Kodrič + Myriam Garcia Fidalgo
  • 07.12 | Paris | Paolo Vignaroli + Karolina Öhman
  • 12.12 | Graz | Zinajda Kodrič + Myriam Garcia Fidalgo
  • 16.12 | Basel | Paolo Vignaroli + Karolina Öhman
  • 20.12 | Berlin | Bettina Junge + Mathis Mayr

There are fascinating differences to be discovered in the way each duo handles the piece, so suffice it to say it’s a pretty exciting month for me.

Map of locations of December 2014 performances of ‘Tomorrow I will build a house here, if I can hold still’

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