Cities & Sunsets

On Sunday, my tape piece from last summer inspired by the lightness and quickness of aural experience in urban spaces, La leggerezza delle città, will be played as part of the 15th biannual Manchester Theatre in Sound (MANTIS) Festival. This edition bears the title ‘Manchester’s Sonic Meta-ontology’ and will explore Manchester’s sounds through a variety of concerts and installation pieces. You can find it here on Facebook.

On Monday, my solo piano work 3 Sunsets receives its second performance by good friend Sebastian Grand. He plays a programme of landscape-inspired works that also includes Ligeti’s Arc-en-ciel, Takemitsu’s Rain Tree II and Cage’s In a Landscape in a short afternoon recital at the Royal Academy of Music. It’s in the David Josefowitz Recital Hall at 2pm.

Sunset on Whitworth Street West, Manchester, UK

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