Books of Moses

My first tape piece, Books of Moses approaches issues of creativity and the collective consciousness. I wanted to examine the process by which symbols are assimilated and re-used by cultures and the piece develops opening material towards a new place unmistakably rooted in the past. Sound sources included carriers of semantic data such as books, envelopes, cassette tapes and the sound of writing, but also sounds of destructive processes such as tearing and cracking sounds.

Books of Moses was composed at the University of Manchester’s NOVARS Research Centre for Electroacoustic Composition, Performance and Sound-Art under the supervision of Ricardo Climent and Alexis Guneratne and was partially diffused in NOVARS Studio 1 on 3rd June 2008 alongside works by Joel Bankhead and Nicola Hicks. It received its public premiere at the Autumn 2009 MANTIS Festival (30th October - 1st November).